How to harness the power of perseverance

What is this book all about?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being supremely efficient and 10 according you the status of a world class procrastinator, what score would you give yourself?

Are you a starter but not a finisher? The first few days of a new project are met with great enthusiasm before you lose the will to live and abandon the project?

‘The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance’ provides you with the route and the techniques to help you get started in your chosen project, and through the consistent application of small actions, keep you going until it is completed.

So, what is your dream? Would you like to learn a new skill, lose weight, become a film director, keep your home neat and tidy? Or……….(fill in the blank).

The Sorites Principle is here to support you in the process and help make it as painless as possible. 

So, what is The Sorites Principle?

Imagine a heap of sand, just like the one in the image below on the left. Your job is to remove one grain every day until the heap is gone.

Like any project you set yourself, at first it appears to be an overwhelming challenge, but armed with a variety of techniques designed to trick the part of your brain that would prefer you remain slouched on the sofa, you are able, bit by bit, to move forward creating dramatically significant results.

The image below on the right is the same heap of sand, but with one grain less. The difference is significant (because it represents an action taken) and imperceptible (which means painless).

That is the basis of the Sorites Principle.

Heap of sand
Heap of sand with on grain less

Reader reviews

This book keeps delivering all the way up until the end. 

Definitely one of my best buys of the year.


Excellent, professional, intelligent.

5 stars.

Black Bart

So far, this is the most interesting book I have read yet about motivation.


A great book, entertaining and informative with an “easy to read” format.

Good sample of techniques that are easy to remember and apply, thanks to the storytelling and personal touch from the author.


Ian Gibbs is a master story-teller.

He uses anecdotes and personal experiences to take us on a journey of stepping stones towards achievement, demonstrating that with a small daily change in behavior, maintaining focus on our goal, brings us inevitably to satisfaction.


Much easier to read than other titles of the same subject.

Rather than forcing myself to read this book (which normally happens with anything non-fiction for me) I found myself not wanting to put it down.


The author

Ian Gibbs

Productivity trainer, public speaker, life coach, business owner, company director, playwright and now author, Ian Gibbs was born in Sheffield, England. After doing his degree in Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics at St. Andrews, Scotland and his Postgrad in Education in Cambridge, he decided he’d had enough of the crap weather and went to work in Barcelona for a year – or maybe two. One day he woke up to realise he’s now been there for 25 years, during which time he has set up one of Europe’s leading educational Theatre-in-English companies: IPA Productions.

He has written regular life-style columns for Spanish magazines and he now coaches and gives business training sessions on productivity and public speaking. When he is not training, coaching or speaking, he writes. He is the creator of 10 plays for children, 3 comic strips, 3 plays for adults, one bilingual story book, the USSB model for improving personal productivity and numerous personal development articles. The Sorites Principle is his first book.

His second book, ‘Learning a Language: How I managed it. How you can, too.’ is a practical and more natural approach to learning any language.

He is married, has two children and a bouncy dog.

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