The Magic of Shamanism

The Magic of Shamanism is designed to meet the needs of those who know nothing about shamanism and are interested in learning more, as well as for those with a basic grounding in the subject who wish to gain a deeper and richer understanding of its scope and use in therapeutic practice.

It also aims to meet the needs of therapists wishing to broaden their horizons to a new, yet ancient, form of therapy that is capable of astonishing results within professional practice.

So, what is Shamanism?

Shamanism is humanity’s oldest spiritual practice and healing profession. Its ancient roots stretch way back in human history, with archaeological findings dating back to Palaeolithic times. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Strikingly similar shamanic beliefs and practices have been observed in different cultures around the world.

The shaman uses a technique that is unique to him or her – ecstasy, or a shifting of consciousness into an altered state.

In the last half of the twentieth century, shamanism was reintroduced to the West, in the form of a therapeutic or ‘self-help’ practice.

Arvick Baghramian discusses her work and insights as a shamanic counsellor in this series of short videos.

Reader reviews

The Magic of Shamanism is a truly valuable book, enabling the lay reader to understand the power of holistic healing through Shamanic practice. 


It also explains how Shamanic healing is used in our world today.

It is very well written and well worth reading. I loved it.


If you have ever wondered what Shamanism is, this book sets out a clear overview of the origins across the ancient and modern world.


As someone who has experienced shamanism before, I found this book to be very deep but at the same time a very pleasant and easy read.


This book will be invaluable both for those intending to deepen their knowledge of Shamanism and for those who are new to the subject. 


Good information on shamanism, history and purpose, lots of accounts of how it has helped people heal.


The author


Arvick Baghramian

 Arvick Baghramian, currently living in Spain, received her degree in Applied Social Studies and Social Work from the University of Bradford in England. She specialized in the field of child sexual abuse and has worked with traumatized children and adults for the past twenty years, lecturing extensively on the subject and training professionals around the world. Her work with abused children compelled her to explore different therapeutic techniques, leading her to become a Play Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Eriksonian Hypnotist, and ultimately led her to Reiki, Conscious Breathing, Shamanism and the Personal Totem Pole process, all of which she has been teaching since the mid-1980’s.

It was also as a result of her own personal wounding that she came to practice and teach these techniques, which are centred on self-empowerment and personal realization. Healers and spiritual teachers have often been wounded themselves, and have found their path through their own personal healing, becoming teachers that are able in their own turn to inspire others to commit to themselves and reach for a life of joy, love and freedom.

Arvick leads workshops in the UK, USA, Israel, Spain, Poland, New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries. Her commitment in directing people to achieve their full potential and to discover their true inner selves is an inspiration and her unique way of teaching as well as her personal approach and sincerity make her courses and trainings an unforgettable beginning of a new path in life.

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