How I managed it. How you can, too.

What is this book all about?

Usually, books about learning languages are written by enthusiasts who have learnt loads of languages. These amazing people are empowered to steam ahead due to their innate interest and pride with their subject.

In contrast, the author of this book is not a linguist. He doesn’t wake up thinking about what language he can conquer today. He’s perfectly satisfied with a tea and toast and to knock out 500 words in a language he feels more at home in. Whereas in almost every other language learning circumstance, ‘not being keen’ is a disadvantage, with this book it has been of great importance.

This book is written by someone who, much like yourself, isn’t a fanatic. He didn’t write a thesis on the subject, he doesn’t have a degree or even an ‘A’ level in any foreign language. His only qualification before writing this book was a CSE grade 4 in Spanish which, ironically, he’s quite proud about. Nevertheless, by using the tricks and techniques in these pages, Ian learnt to speak a new language in less than six months.

Uniquely, this is a book about language learning written for non-linguists by a non-linguist. He hopes you notice, appreciate and enjoy the difference.


The author

Ian Gibbs

Productivity trainer, public speaker, life coach, business owner, company director, playwright and now author, Ian Gibbs was born in Sheffield, England. After doing his degree in Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics at St. Andrews, Scotland and his Postgrad in Education in Cambridge, he decided he’d had enough of the crap weather and went to work in Barcelona for a year – or maybe two. One day he woke up to realise he’s now been there for 25 years, during which time he has set up one of Europe’s leading educational Theatre-in-English companies: IPA Productions.

He has written regular life-style columns for Spanish magazines and he now coaches and gives business training sessions on productivity and public speaking. When he is not training, coaching or speaking, he writes. He is the creator of 10 plays for children, 3 comic strips, 3 plays for adults, one bilingual story book, the USSB model for improving personal productivity and numerous personal development articles. The Sorites Principle is his first book.

His second book, ‘Learning a Language: How I managed it. How you can, too.’ is a practical and more natural approach to learning any language.

He is married, has two children and a bouncy dog.

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