What is this book all about?

Kathy has been dumped one too many times, and at forty, she can safely say that she is absolutely and completely scunnered.

There’s only one thing for it: it’s time to get even.

After searching for other lovelorn souls with their own axes to grind, she masterminds the ultimate schemes to get back at their exes. Who knew revenge could be so much fun? And what could possibly go wrong? Until . . .

Sheena figures out what the whole star-crossed gang is up to and wants to help her friends. She’s got a taste for revenge of her own, and you’ll never guess who she enlists to help her.

With a large measure of deviousness and a cast of Scottish characters – including plastic surgeons and a lovable Glasgow gangster – Getting Even turns out to be quite the business!


The author


Gillian Pollock

Gillian Pollock spent the first part of her life on a farm in Central West Scotland.

Her itchy feet had her travelling to foreign countries as soon as she was old enough to get on a plane on her own. After graduating she went to London where she lived for ten years working in advertising. When the opportunity came to continue that career abroad, she packed her suitcase and ended up living in The Netherlands, Spain, France and Argentina before giving it all up and going back to Barcelona to chill out.

She started a small publishing company and, being surrounded by authors, was encouraged to write a novel based on an idea which she woke up to one morning. Getting Even is the result. This is her first book but there are two more in the pipeline so watch this space! 


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