Daniel E. Arias, was born in 1953 in Buenos Aires, and underwent one of those English primary school educations where they still talked about the Empire well into the late 1960s, when it was clearly the USA (through the Argentine military) that was calling the shots in Argentina. His secondary education was undertaken in the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, a place of academic excellence and a cauldron of future scientists, artists and political militants, where the long list of students and ex-alumni murdered or disappeared between 1969 and 1983 bears testimony to a certain aversion to empires in general, and to some generals as well. To make ends meet while getting his degree in Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, Arias became a Jack-of-all-trades, selling clothes, squaring accounts, driving lorries, but mostly, he taught English. When he graduated and realised that he wasn’t going to get rich as a Literature Professor, in 1985 he tried his luck at becoming a science writer for the newspapers.